Tomorrowland: 10 Things you might not know about

Tomorrowland is the most impressive, gigantic electronic festival in the world. Stage designs are fantastic with fantastic firework displays and lineups hosting the most popular DJ’s on the planet!

The music festival originated in 2005, in Belgium. Since then the festival has grown to include dance music showcasing the most talented DJ’s and attracting admirers all over the world. There are over 15 stages, which covers all music bases.

Festicket’s Tomorrowland packages have included different camping, luxury camping and hotel options with transfers.

Discover Europe

Tomorrowland offers packages where you can do a tour in Europe. Other ticket options are also available. People who want to take part in the tour will see some of Europe’s most amazing sights and will turn the festival into a more extended adventure that only a weekend.


In the first years of Tomorrowland’s existence, there was no camping available at the festival. Fans pitched their tents right in front of the stages. Now pitching tents has a new, different flavour. You can choose what type of camping experience you desire and pay for it.

Increase in festival duration

The duration of the time that Tomorrowland has their festivities has increased by 600% over the last 13 years. It has grown tremendously with more added days to enjoy the celebrations. From 2005 – 2018 it has expanded from a one-day ceremony to six days and two weekends!

The magical ticket boxes

The wristbands to ensure entry to the festival with each program is sent out in gorgeous decorative packages. Each package is containing surprise gifts as well.

20 Farmers involved

The organisers of the festivities rent the Tomorrowland site from 20 different local farmers. They have seen the site grow yearly. If you can imagine that it takes the space of so many farms, then you can imagine the enormous scale of this fiesta.

Free-floating stages

The spectacular designs of the sets include floating stages that artists can only reach by boat. The landscaping for this event is merely fabulous and dreamy.

Multi-award winners

Tomorrowland has won the International Dance Music Award for the best event consecutively from 2012 – 2016, UMF won it more often, but they are also the organisers of the whole award ceremony. Tomorrowland festival also won the DJ Mag’s inaugural “The World’s No.1 festival award in 2015”!

This company tries not to use traditional confetti. They have previously dropped real rose petals out of specially charted helicopters. The petals covered the crowd and smelled divine.

Tomorrowland selected a new venue for 2019! A Tomorrowland festivity for a most magical season, winter.

The village of Alpe d’Huez will host the next festival. Beautiful mountains surround this town. All packages include a ticket, lodging and a ski pass.

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