Things To Know About Kratom

Mitragyna speciosa or M. Speciosa is commonly known as Kratom. It is a tropical evergreen found in Southeast Asia. Kratom has various uses in folk medicine and its regular users consider it as an excellent aid for both physical as well as mental health. Moreover, there are also many people who enjoy kratom as a sedative-narcotic or stimulant (depending on their dose). The practice of using kratom has been there since ages in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. The leaves of the kratom plants are being used in the native growing regions since ages for treating pains, aches, fevers, diarrhea, etc. Moreover, they are also very popular for managing diabetes and alleviating addiction. Below is the list of few things to know about kratom:

Why people take kratom?

The most popular use of kratom is that they are used for pain relief. A large number of people use kratom for treating pain and aches. Moreover, it is also used for fever, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, diabetes, alleviating addiction, etc. A large number of youth have been using kratom to help them to stop using addictive drugs, particularly opiates. Moreover, there are also many people who take kratom for experiencing a sense of well being and euphoria.

How to take kratom?

Traditionally, people used to consume kratom by crushing its leaves and preparing tea, smoking it or chewing it. These days, kratom is commonly used as powders, pills, and capsules. People mostly use it in powder form by dissolving it in hot water or mixing it with herbal tea for making it more palatable. There are also some people who find its taste quite bitter, therefore, they prefer mixing it with homemade cookies, yogurt, etc in order to attain the same benefits out of it.

Is kratom easy to obtain?

No matter in which part of the world you are staying in, you can easily order kratom from online stores if you don’t get kratom at local stores. These days, in this modern world, you won’t find it difficult to obtain kratom as they are easily available online. Kratom is legal in most parts of the world so you actually get the liberty of ordering multiple packs of kratom whenever you want.

Does kratom help in weight loss?

The mood enhancing and calming effect of kratom means it is good for the people having sugar addiction or people who eat excessively. The people who have kratom would feel full sooner, thus eat less. Therefore, people who want to lose weight actually benefit while taking kratom.

What are the risks of using kratom?

Kratom and opiates share a few common side effects which include vomiting, stomach disorder, constipation, lack of appetite, dry mouth, mild sedation, itching, nausea, sweating, increased urination, etc. However, the risks involved in using kratom are relatively mild when compared to that of opiates. If you don’t use kratom in high quantity then you would lower the risk of these side effects.

Is kratom addictive?

You might have heard that kratom treats and curbs withdrawal symptoms from opiates and other substances such as alcohol. You need to know that kratom too has some addictive properties. There are some people who have reported to have experience withdrawal after stopping excessive use of kratom. However, it is relatively mild when compared to opiates.

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