6 Common Types of Maritime Accidents

6 Common Types of Maritime Accidents

Accidents are a risk no matter the mode of travel, and they can have lasting effects. Maritime accidents can be particularly hard to litigate, especially if they occur in international waters. Below are some of the most common types of maritime accidents which shipping lawyers in Singapore can help with. Contacting a lawyer after any of the below incidents is a good idea for anyone who is injured or who has a family member who was injured or killed.

Oil Rig Accidents

Recent oil spills fall under this heading. Offshore oil drilling platforms are very dangerous in terms of heavy machinery and complex processes, and even a minor mistake can cause serious injury and environmental damage. If someone is injured, killed or suffers losses in such an accident, a maritime lawyer can help them or their family file a claim.

Cruise Ship Mishaps

Cruise vessels are a common sight in Singaporean harbors, but they’re behind quite a few maritime accidents as well. A vessel can capsize, face inclement weather, or suffer other problems due to workers’ negligence. According to statistics, almost 75% of cruise ship fires happen because of simple mistakes by ship workers.

Commercial Fishery Accidents

Commercial fishing is fraught with danger. Regardless of a fisherman’s level of experience, he can fall overboard, often with fatal results. Harsh weather can also cause severe damage to a commercial fishing vessel.

Accidents on Cargo and Tanker Ships

Explosions are a major cause of injury and death on cargo and tanker ships. Most of these vessels transport dangerous, highly flammable materials, which means even a minor explosion can cause significant losses. Unfortunately, most accidents on these ships happen due to workers’ negligence.

Drug and Alcohol-Related Accidents

Substance abuse is a problem all over the world, even on the high seas, where it can cause irreparable losses. If a ship’s workers engage in alcohol or drug abuse, they may display erratic behavior and be at higher risk of a maritime accident.

Shipyard Accidents

Shipyards are places where vessels are assembled, and welding or fitting accidents are quite common. While these accidents usually aren’t fatal, they can leave a worker with a lifelong disability. Consult a shipping or maritime lawyer when someone is injured in a shipyard accident.

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