Taxi insurance will ensure that the drive, the taxi and the passengers are insured as for the driver it is more than just a means of transport, it is his business and it needs to be protected in the best way possible. Having Taxi insurance is definitely the best idea when it comes to having a backup and safeguard your property in case of an emergency.

Types of taxi insurance

Third-party only: This is the insurance which allows the driver to take the taxi, but the insurance does not cover when the vehicle is stolen, catches fire or other damages. If there is an accident, it will be taken as your fault and the insurance comes to rescue only to benefit the third part which is involved and not you.

Break down recovery: Breakdown recovery offers support whenever your vehicle breaks down. This is must-have insurance, especially if you are an average taxi driver. This type of insurance will ensure that all the cost of getting your vehicles fixed is done on time as well as ensuring that the driver is safe.

Public liability: This type of insurance comes to your rescue when you are the reason for any kind of damages to the vehicle. They help by providing enough fund to retrieve and get you started on your driving job to ensure that there is not a long break in between the process.

Comprehensive coverage: This is the best type of insurance where the insurance will cover any kind of road incident as well as accidents where the driver is liable and also the driver can also make claims if there is any theft involved. Generally, people take advantage of this insurance and the rules are strict, if you are willing to buy the insurance, it is suggested that you read the terms and conditions as well as the policy before signing.


What is covered in a commercial car or taxi insurance policy?

  • The damage caused by accident or nature or any other man-made calamities, which includes accidents, theft, fire, lightning, explosion, flood, storm, etc., is taken care of.
  • A taxi insurance also covers the cost of any medical treatment which was caused to the driver and if you add a premium policy to it the damages to the car can also be covered.
  • If there is accidental death, the insurance will compensate for the third party involved.
  • Additional covers for tamps, tyres, bonnets, bumpers or any other damage parts or portion of the car.
  • Personal accidents cover to be paid to driver and employees or any named or unnamed passengers.

Things To Know About Kratom

Mitragyna speciosa or M. Speciosa is commonly known as Kratom. It is a tropical evergreen found in Southeast Asia. Kratom has various uses in folk medicine and its regular users consider it as an excellent aid for both physical as well as mental health. Moreover, there are also many people who enjoy kratom as a sedative-narcotic or stimulant (depending on their dose). The practice of using kratom has been there since ages in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. The leaves of the kratom plants are being used in the native growing regions since ages for treating pains, aches, fevers, diarrhea, etc. Moreover, they are also very popular for managing diabetes and alleviating addiction. Below is the list of few things to know about kratom:

Why people take kratom?

The most popular use of kratom is that they are used for pain relief. A large number of people use kratom for treating pain and aches. Moreover, it is also used for fever, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, diabetes, alleviating addiction, etc. A large number of youth have been using kratom to help them to stop using addictive drugs, particularly opiates. Moreover, there are also many people who take kratom for experiencing a sense of well being and euphoria.

How to take kratom?

Traditionally, people used to consume kratom by crushing its leaves and preparing tea, smoking it or chewing it. These days, kratom is commonly used as powders, pills, and capsules. People mostly use it in powder form by dissolving it in hot water or mixing it with herbal tea for making it more palatable. There are also some people who find its taste quite bitter, therefore, they prefer mixing it with homemade cookies, yogurt, etc in order to attain the same benefits out of it.

Is kratom easy to obtain?

No matter in which part of the world you are staying in, you can easily order kratom from online stores if you don’t get kratom at local stores. These days, in this modern world, you won’t find it difficult to obtain kratom as they are easily available online. Kratom is legal in most parts of the world so you actually get the liberty of ordering multiple packs of kratom whenever you want.

Does kratom help in weight loss?

The mood enhancing and calming effect of kratom means it is good for the people having sugar addiction or people who eat excessively. The people who have kratom would feel full sooner, thus eat less. Therefore, people who want to lose weight actually benefit while taking kratom.

What are the risks of using kratom?

Kratom and opiates share a few common side effects which include vomiting, stomach disorder, constipation, lack of appetite, dry mouth, mild sedation, itching, nausea, sweating, increased urination, etc. However, the risks involved in using kratom are relatively mild when compared to that of opiates. If you don’t use kratom in high quantity then you would lower the risk of these side effects.

Is kratom addictive?

You might have heard that kratom treats and curbs withdrawal symptoms from opiates and other substances such as alcohol. You need to know that kratom too has some addictive properties. There are some people who have reported to have experience withdrawal after stopping excessive use of kratom. However, it is relatively mild when compared to opiates.

Know about the best travel insurance companies


When you are planning for a holiday trip then you need to keep in mind that it is very essential for you to consider few important things in order to make your trip a successful one. This simply means that you need to have few necessary things which are very essential for having a pleasant trip. These things include enough money, debit or credit card, mobile phone and necessary documents. It’s true that most of the people take care of all the above mentioned things. However, they fail to realize that travel insurance is also one of the most important things until they face some kind of undesirable situation. Therefore, if you are planning for a trip now then immediately get in touch with a good and reliable travel insurance company.To know more about travel insurance check out seguro viagem. Below are few of the benefits of having the best travel insurance companies:   

Budget  Travel insurance lets a person go with budget and security. They are very helpful in adjusting your budget along with your expenditure when you are travelling from one country to the other with limited funds. It’s true that you would be required to invest some amount of money for purchasing the travel insurance. However, you would realize that it is worth it when you start comparing that with travelling without any kind of insurance. This will help you in realizing that you are actually exposed to more financial risks when you are having no coverage at all. The last thing a person wants to have in his trip is that they end up having to pay huge amount of medical expenditure.

Travel Navigation Journey

Sufficient coverage and great features

For attaining the most amount of benefit, you need to find a good and reliable travel insurance company. The best travel insurance companies provide a vast range of coverage with great features which will vouch comfort and safety for their customers. If you purchase their insurance policy then you would not have to feel nervous regarding the huge amount of doctor’s fees and growing medical costs as your insurance would be covering these expenses. You would easily get the services of good professionals and licensed institutions.

 Apply online 

Another great thing about travel insurance is that you can easily apply for it online. Applying for it online would help you in avoiding the stress and hassle of going to the insurance office and sometimes even waiting in long queues for your turn. So, when you are applying for it online then this would make the process faster and you can also easily check the status whenever you feel like checking it.


Great for sports person 

Those people who are engaged in sports can actually take advantage of these great insurance deals. Insuring oneself basically means decreasing the financial risks and playing safely as far as your money is concerned.    These days you would find many travel insurance companies. Therefore it is very important to carefully look for the best travel insurance companies in order to have a pleasant travel experience. Below are few more benefits which only the best travel insurance companies would provide you:

They would pay for the hotel cost if the flight is delayed. ·Transportation facility if you need to return home for any kind of emergency ·Emergency legal assistance    ·Providing the essential items if the passenger’s luggage is lost or delayed.

Tips for a visitor visa interview

  1. Most countries consider all candidates for non-worker visas as expecting outsiders until the point when they can persuade the consular officer that they are definitely not. It is imperative that you have the capacity to demonstrate that you have explanations behind coming back to your nation of origin that are more grounded than your reason to be visiting their respective country.
  1. You must have an honest meeting so that it leaves no explanation behind for the officer to reject your visa. Anticipate the procedure and be prepared to answer any form of questions the embassy has. Your name field must be filled in accordingly. Each country functions in their own way and thus it is important to make sure that you are in line with the expectations and needs of the country you are travelling to.
  1. If there exists a possibility that the meeting will be led in English and not in your local dialect (not at all countries but some), it is recommended to convey the information to the officer, in which case necessary requirements will be made.
  1. Ensure that all your documents support your cause. A slight change can cause chaos and havoc, thus delaying your visa procedures. Make sure that you send your records that have been recently checked or updated. Give accurate and clear responses to Consulate staff. If there should arise an occurrence of any perplexity, do not hesitate to seek help from professionals.
  1. It is important to be clear initially to the consular officer what composed reports you are showing and what they connote. Extensive clarifications are nearly impossible and can’t be rapidly checked. Keep in mind that you will have 2-3 minutes of meeting time, in case you’re fortunate. So make sure all your documents are to the point and can convey why exactly you are applying for a visa.
  1. Be your own spokesperson. Avoid taking your guardians or relatives with you to your meeting. The consular officer needs to talk to you, not your family. A negative impression is made in the event that you are not set up to talk alone. The officer needs to be certain of your intentions and background and would not receive clarity on these unless you are in a one-on-one meeting.
  1. It is very important to be concise. Every consular officer is under the rigorous time constraint to lead a short and proficient meeting. They should settle on a choice, generally, on the impressions they shape from the meeting. In the way, everything you say affects your impression on the officer.
  1. After getting your visa, carefully check for any sort of slip-ups like name, date of birth, kind of visa, legitimacy date, and so on. Be alert and always on the watch for any sort of minor mistakes that could occur while filling out details.

Tomorrowland: 10 Things you might not know about

Tomorrowland is the most impressive, gigantic electronic festival in the world. Stage designs are fantastic with fantastic firework displays and lineups hosting the most popular DJ’s on the planet!

The music festival originated in 2005, in Belgium. Since then the festival has grown to include dance music showcasing the most talented DJ’s and attracting admirers all over the world. There are over 15 stages, which covers all music bases.

Festicket’s Tomorrowland packages have included different camping, luxury camping and hotel options with transfers.

Discover Europe

Tomorrowland offers packages where you can do a tour in Europe. Other ticket options are also available. People who want to take part in the tour will see some of Europe’s most amazing sights and will turn the festival into a more extended adventure that only a weekend.


In the first years of Tomorrowland’s existence, there was no camping available at the festival. Fans pitched their tents right in front of the stages. Now pitching tents has a new, different flavour. You can choose what type of camping experience you desire and pay for it.

Increase in festival duration

The duration of the time that Tomorrowland has their festivities has increased by 600% over the last 13 years. It has grown tremendously with more added days to enjoy the celebrations. From 2005 – 2018 it has expanded from a one-day ceremony to six days and two weekends!

The magical ticket boxes

The wristbands to ensure entry to the festival with each program is sent out in gorgeous decorative packages. Each package is containing surprise gifts as well.

20 Farmers involved

The organisers of the festivities rent the Tomorrowland site from 20 different local farmers. They have seen the site grow yearly. If you can imagine that it takes the space of so many farms, then you can imagine the enormous scale of this fiesta.

Free-floating stages

The spectacular designs of the sets include floating stages that artists can only reach by boat. The landscaping for this event is merely fabulous and dreamy.

Multi-award winners

Tomorrowland has won the International Dance Music Award for the best event consecutively from 2012 – 2016, UMF won it more often, but they are also the organisers of the whole award ceremony. Tomorrowland festival also won the DJ Mag’s inaugural “The World’s No.1 festival award in 2015”!

This company tries not to use traditional confetti. They have previously dropped real rose petals out of specially charted helicopters. The petals covered the crowd and smelled divine.

Tomorrowland selected a new venue for 2019! A Tomorrowland festivity for a most magical season, winter.

The village of Alpe d’Huez will host the next festival. Beautiful mountains surround this town. All packages include a ticket, lodging and a ski pass.

Travel Experts Share Their Best Tips for Packing Light

  1. Fold your clothes and pack them into your suitcase. This helps save more space and reduce the perception of the weight since all the clothes and packed in tight. Heavier clothes ought to be kept at the base and lighter clothes can be set on top to keep them wrinkle-free. Use synthetic material for undergarments or even cotton because of its weight, keeping it light for you. They don’t take up much volume either. They dry faster in case you need to wash them while on the trip.
  2. If you require formals amid the trip, put them on the top for better access and to keep them well maintained.
  3. It is a very smart idea to keep little travel-sized shampoos, antiperspirants, shower gel, toothpaste etc. This will help you save your toiletries without causing wastage. Ensure that you seal every one of the containers of your toiletries. Unscrew the top, put a bit of stick wrap to wrap it airtight. After the usage of this product you can and the top back on to maintain a strategic distance from any sort of spillage.
  4. Adaptable, low-maintenance clothing is vital to keeping it light. Always keep these 5 factors in mind while packing for travel and ensure that you adhere to at least 3 of them. Comfortable for exploring around. Appropriate for the cool or warm climate. Doesn’t stain real fast. While on travel you could be exposed to different kinds of climate. So make sure you pick out clothes that don’t stain up. Gets folded into small bulks. Facilitates well with nearly everything else you’re bringing
  5. Keep your socks inside the shoes and keep these shoes in a shower cap to put them appropriately in less space.
  6. Roll up your belt like a loop, and place it in your shirt. Spare yourself some space.
  7. Keep cotton to take your make-up off, cover your razor with fastener clasps to dodge any arbitrary cuts. Ensure all these products are packed and sealed properly to avoid any sort of accident or spillage.
  8. Keep your chargers, headphone, power banks etc in your carry bag or handbag. This will ensure easy access to these items since they will be required for the duration of the journey. It will also help space in the luggage by only keeping things that you will need once you reach the destination.
  9. If you are going in the stormy season, always keep in mind to keep your umbrella.
  10. Keep your documents of travel such as your ticket, visa, boarding pass etc. on your cell phone and keep a duplicate version of these documents in your email as well. In case of any confusion, you can always refer back to these documents. It also saves you from the burden of ensuring that you don’t lose these documents.

Tips for environmental friendly travels

  1. Backpacks and carry bag play a crucial role while travelling. Plastic sacks can take up to 500 years to biodegrade so take a re-useable shopping pack with you or cloth bags to ensure that there is no waste left behind.
  2. Always remember to pack light. Each kilo checks when flying. The more a plane measures, the more carbon outflows it produces. Pack just what you require.
  3. Maintain policies from home in the hotel. Most people tend to misuse the services provided while on travel such as having long showers, being careless about leaving the lights on or water running or even leaving without turning the aircon off.
  4. Carry a water bottle with you. This will help in reducing plastic waste as the need to buy water bottles will diminish. This helps you travel light and also works in favour of the environment. Numerous worldwide air terminals have free water containers, which spares you cash and squandering plastic jugs.
  5. Travel in smaller groups. They have a tendency to have less of an ecological effect on the environment. Before you book your travel, ask how many people are going to be on the trip.
  6. Try not to take any visit that offers hands-on experiences with wild creatures, for example, riding elephants or strolling with lions. In the event that you do, you’re supporting an industry that illicitly catches, transports, and misuse a large number of animals every year.
  7. Respect nearby traditions. Do a little research before you travel to find out about the social conventions of the place you are visiting.
  8. When voyaging abroad, search for seals of endorsement from other accreditation programs, for example, EarthCheck (Australia), Green Globe, Rainforest Alliance (Latin America, Caribbean), and Green Tourism Business Scheme (UK). A few nations, including Costa Rica, have their own confirmation projects to rate manageability activities.
  9. Walk, bicycle, or utilise public transportation to get around at whatever point you wish to. This reduces power utilisation and spares you cash.
  10. Return maps, handouts, and other visitor information once you’re done with them so they might be reused by future explorers.
  11. Take any remaining cleanser, cleanser, or toothpaste with you. Unused bits are regularly discarded, and you can reuse the plastic containers later on.
  12. Search out indigenous craftsmen and artisans when you can. When you purchase specifically from an artisan, you’re helping them feed their family, as well as by and large you’re saving their way of life.
  13. Purchase privately made (ideally carefully assembled) items, instead of those that have been foreign. Things that are flown or delivered in have a considerably bigger carbon impression.
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